England Come Back! New single urges UK to reevaluate Brexit

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“I can not trust this is the end (goodness no)… England return. England return to us, it’s not very late to alter your opinion”.

Those are the verses sung by another genius EU boyband on its introduction ditty went for inducing the UK not to leave the European Union.

News, investigation and master conclusion as the UK draws nearer to leaving the European Union

The five-part Breunion Boys propelled the video for their first single, named Britain Come Back, in Amsterdam this week.

Shaped by Dutch activity craftsman Julia Veldman, the video demonstrates the bandmates strolling along the shoreline on a dim and bleak day, singing: “You didn’t have a reasonable decision, you’ve been deceived, the falsehoods let we all down.”

“England, you’re incredible, yet together we’re more prominent,” they sing.

Ms Veldman was chipping away at a film in New York when she heard the UK had casted a ballot in a choice to leave the European Union.